Released on: 8/16/16 2:36 PM

Testers ChoiceThe full-color screen is what grabs you, but there’s a lot more to the VTX. For a computer with so many settings and options, it’s also one of the easiest that we’ve ever used. The three-button navigation and menus are so simple, you can do almost anything without looking at the manual...” Read the full review here. 

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OCS Takes The #1 Spot

Released on: 11/9/12 2:53 PM

The Oceanic OCS dive computer was recently named to ScubaLab Tests' "11 Hot Dive Computers" and is leading the industry in the number one spot! Features such as the intuitive menu system and exceptional build quality...

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New B.U.D Back Up Dive Computer

Released on: 7/20/11 5:26 AM

Oceanic BUD colorsThe B.U.D. is a long overdue idea and a great way to ensure that you never have to miss a dive.  Clip it off or stow it in a pocket and forget about it.  

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