The team recently had a chance to get their hands on the new Oceanic VT4.0 dive computer. After coming out strong in several other recent reviews, the VT4.0 had a lot to live up to and it did so with ease.

The SGR team noted that "the nice-sized display screen on the VT4.0 has allowed Oceanic to include a very intuitive on-board menu system, which we see as the core strength of this dive computer". The extreme ease of use has been a constant improvement noticed by many reviewers and SGR goes on to praise the VT4.0: "It’s by far the easiest wrist-mount computer we’ve used; the data presentation is outstanding, and the use of words instead of symbols (i.e. “Safety Stop,” “Deep Stop,” “Change Battery,” etc.) as well as menu prompts and bar graphs transforms a complex piece of equipment into an Everyman’s dive computer".

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