Directions for how to Install USB drivers and OceanLog Software


If this is the first time you are downloading and using our software, follow the steps below. Our software is complicated and has many more applications than other software you may have used in the past or are currently using. It will take a little while to get used to the software, its applications and your dive computer.


1. Download the FULL version, only, of Oceanlog or from our Internet site, http://www.oceanicworldwide.com/us/support-software/ . This will overwrite all of the old software.

2. Download the appropriate drivers, 663K is the usual unless you have a 64 bit processor in your PC, in which download the 64 bit drivers.

Please click HERE for actual File Download links.

3. Plug in your USB cable into your PC and wait for the Driver Installation windows to pop up as your PC recognizes NEW HARDWARE **AFTER FINISHING THE FIRST INSTALLATION, A SECOND IDENTICAL WINDOW WILL APPEAR, FOLLOW

4. Open the Oceanlog program and create a NEW dive log for yourself. Click on the icon to the right of the red [EXIT] square. This will separate your dive log from the sample diver's log.

5. Click on "DIVE" in the left hand column, you will get a window to "Add dive options"

6. Select the model of your dive computer from the drop-down list on the right of the window, then click [OK] for a download, or, select [Manual Entry Dive] to bring up a blank screen to manually enter all dive information. The window will minimize and a new pop-up window will appear with [Download Dive Data From.]. The computer will search for your USB to PC connection, follow the directions on the window to initiate a download.

• If your USB cable is connected you will get the window pictured below.

7. Follow the prompts from there to connect your Personal Dive Computer (PDC), extract the dives then save the dives to your PC.

To Uninstall USB Drivers

  1. Right Click START MENU.
  2. Click EXPLORE
  3. Scroll down to USB DRIVERS, click
  4. Scroll down to [USB Driver icon] and FTDIUIN.EXE, click.
  5. Disconnect USB Devices
  6. Double click [USB Driver icon], click, CONTINUE. 
  7. Plug in USB cable, follow the prompts to re-install new USB Drivers.

**Your computer will automatically prompt, twice, to install new USB Drivers**

In the case you encounter errors, please follow the tutorials we have sent previously or contact me directly below via email and/or phone. I will do my absolute best to take care of your individual issues to your satisfaction.

After downloading the (FULL) version of Oceanlog or upgrading your older version of Oceanlog by using the (PATCH), complete the following steps below to extract information from your dive computer and transfer it into the Oceanlog program:

  • Open the Oceanlog program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
  • Create a NEW LOG (separating your dives from the Sample Diver log) by clicking on the [New Log] icon which is to the right of the red [Close Application] square.
  • You will be asked to name the File, place anything but your name for this.
  • You will be asked for the diver's name, enter your name.

The sub-window will close leaving you back at the [Personal Information] screen. Enter all of your personal information then:

  • Click on [Dive], a new sub-window will appear saying "Please add new dive(s) before viewing further information"
  • Click [OK]
  • A second sub-window with (Dive Options) will appear, select the model of your computer form the dropdown list and click [OK].
  • All windows will minimize and a new window will appear which is the (Download Tutorial).


Follow the directions on the tutorial with the following tips.

  • Keep your PDC and USB cable disconnected at all times, until the point of downloading information form the PDC. After downloading and saving dives, immediately disconnect the PDC and USB cable. If they are left connected, they have the tendency to confuse your system and cause errors.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate USB Drivers, 388K for Windows XP 32 bit, and 64 bit for Windows XP 64bit.
  • Ensure a good connection between the USB cable and the PDC, turn the PDC upside down and inspect the connection between the three pins on the PDC and three pins on the end of the USB cable.


If you encounter any errors, such as "Error in Average Depth", "Runtime Error", "Time Out Error", or any other errors contact me immediately via phone or email. We will take care of errors for you on a case by case basis.

Thank you again for choosing Oceanic Worldwide.