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The Excursion is for the serious adventurer. Our extremely comfortable and stable rear inflation BC is ready for any adventure that you are.

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You glide through the water like a manta ray, air bladder tucked neatly behind you. Up front, there’s nothing but contoured harness straps and a couple of integrated weight pockets. You’re uncluttered, unencumbered and looking good. Built tough for use in both recreational and technical diving, the Excursion is extremely comfortable and stable, the ultimate BC for the serious adventurer.

  • Rear inflation bladder provides up to 58 lbs lift
  • Air bladder is made of patented BioFlex material
  • QLR4 Integrated Weight System 20 lbs plus dual 5 lbs rear
  • Generous zippered utility pockets with knife mounts
  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel D-rings
  • Patented adjustable depth compensating cummerbund
  • Streamlined harness with reinforced contoured shoulders
  • Padded backpack with lumbar support
  • SM/MD/LG: 38 lbs; XL/2XL: 52 lbs

Type Wing
Material Fadeless 1600D Nylon – Air Cell Material:Patented BioFlex® rear inflation bladder with minimum drag
Construction Single Bladder
Inflatorsystem Reliant Inflator
Backpack Streamlined harness with reinforced contoured shoulders,Padded backpack
Size SM, MD, LG, XL
Bungees Yes
Buoyancy SM 17ltr, MD 17ltr, LG 23ltr, XL 23ltr, XXL 23ltr
Total weight Size LG 4,20 kg
Exhaust valve Right back pull-ball exhaust, additional an integrated rope pull exhaust
Belt Molded tank cradle with anti-slip pad
Cummerbund Patented adjustable Depth Compensating Cummerbund
D-rings Pre-bent welded stainless steel d-rings
Weight pockets QLR 3 Weightsystem, max 12 kg, Trimm pockets, max 5 kg
Colours Black with blue

9 reviews for EXCURSION

  1. youhen01

    A perfect BC. Pockets are large enough to store the essentials. Great lift. Cool whistle in the chest strap. I love it.

  2. Bainster

    I have had this BC now for 6 months and it is fantastic, being an instructor and being in the water alot the fit is superb. I would recommend it to everyone.

  3. Tommy

    I absolutely love this BC. It is very comfortable and has very substantial lift. EXCEPT, the weight pocket broke, the inside bracket attached to the BC, to which I cannot find that part anywhere! Not even on this site! This is terrible!

    This repair should be done at an authorized dealer or returned to the factory.

  4. Brady

    When I was in the market for a BC I have tried on everything. For me, I have found this one fit the best. And had the best quality and overall seemed to be best made. Why I chose this BC- Because the lumbar on back sat it right in my spine locking it place. The reflectors on top I feel would be very helpful for night diving. The quick releases require no thought. Just pull and they release. In addition, I feel that this BC is very streamline. If you look at this BC you will find it has many titanium rings for you to lock things on to them. Unlike many others that offer “plastic” clips and and very little of them.
    What I would change on it would be the lower pockets. They are to far back and you will not be able to see them when you are diving. You will have to feel for them. Really though, who uses them?? And the alternate air source is really short. I would lengthen that 2-3″.
    Over all, I love this BC! If you are in the market, I would strongly suggest trying one on. It will lock to your body! And is very comfortable!

  5. Jeff

    This is my second season with my BC. I bought it because of the back bladder and steel D-rings. I also bought it because it said could be used for technical use. There are a couple of improvements that I would love to see. First, the QLR weights. I have lost both pockets on dives. They trick you into thinking they are locked in and then fall out on you. I tie mine down when I dive cuz of this. Honestly, I don’t trust them anymore. Not to mention, they are $35 dollars a piece to replace not to mention your lost lead. Not to mention how fun it is trying to maintain a safe ascent rate when you’ve lost half your lead. Second, I wish it came with a double cam band for the tank. I have never had mine slip but with it being designed for “tech” use as well it should just have a double tank band or at least have a place in the lumbar support where you could add one if desired. Third, it needs an air dump on the right shoulder so you can vent air while ascending. Its kinda hard to watch your computer which is usually on your left side while you are trying to vent air with the same hand. The probe has this feature…why not the excursion. And I agree with the other review that they pockets are too small and hard to see when you are trying to use them.

    But overall it is a well made BC, very sturdy and durable and at the time it was the best BC that I could afford and I see me diving with it for many years to come. I love the back wing and how comfortable it is when I dive with it.

  6. JT

    I may just be having bad luck but I had mine before the recall on the weight pouches and just recently had the plastic rivets that hold the weight pouch to the BC break on it, But other than that it’s a wonderful BCD Oceanic just needs to redesign there weight pouches.

  7. TK421

    Ive been diving almost exclusively with Oceanic products since 2001. My last BCD was the wonderful Probe LX purchased in 2005. It still works and looks like new… I just sort of outgrew it.
    I wanted a back inflation BCD and this ine fits the bill. The pockets ar good, plenty of D rings. The only thing i dont like is it doesnt have a right shoulder dump. I dive with the air xs so if i am using the alt. air source it is difficult to dump air while breathing with the reg.

    ***Oceanic Response***
    The Air XS “complete” includes an inline pull ball that allows you to deflate while using the regulator.

  8. Gustavo Salcedo

    Como instructor PADI 317047 me parece excelente si hay que reforzar el tema de los remaches de plástico sin embargo lo considero uno de los mejores

  9. Jesse V

    Overall it’s built like a tank. Looks great and is very comfortable. I do agree with some of the other reviewers about the weight pocket system, in that it can be tricky to ensure they are in properly. But when you find the sweet spot, they give a confident solid click. My only real complaint is that it feels like it pushes me face forward on the surface, so I feel like I’m fighting to stay upright and level on the surface. More senior divers have told me that this a common trait of back inflated BCDs. Oceanic is my choice of gear from computers, regs/Octos and everything in between.

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