Predator Hero

Set your dive free


The Predator Freedive kit is your ticket to total aquatic freedom

Just below the surface of every aquatic adventure, Oceanic strives to build gear that helps you push your exploration into the deep end, and beyond. And with that higher purpose in mind, we developed the Predator Freedive kit to assist you in diving past your comfort zone into new realms and possibilities.

The Predator line is designed for entry-level free divers and open-water hunters, but with the ease of use and quality you can expect from Oceanic. Stylishly designed and expertly crafted, the set—including mask, fins and snorkel—come in a contemporary blue camo print.



Predator Mask

The Predator Mask

boasts an ultra low-volume design with soft-squeeze buckles for easy adjustment and a comfortable universal skirt. Tinted lenses are constructed from super-durable tempered glass for many years of use.

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Predator Fin

The Predator Fin

features a full-foot design with a rigid long blade for excellent propulsion. A ribbed blade and side rails help focus the power of every stroke for maximum power and stability, and the foot pocket has a large heel pull tab for easy donning and doffing.

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Predator Snorkel

The Predator Snorkel

Simple and reliable, the Predator Snorkel is a J-tube design with no valves or removable parts—just what freedivers are looking for.

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