Diverlog Plus

Mobile App

Plan and Organize Every Dive
from Your Smartphone

The DiverLog+ mobile app is the essential scuba diving tool for divers who want complete access to all their dive data. It keeps all dive data safe, organized and accessible for the most complete mobile integration diving experience, and it connects with any of Oceanic’s line of Bluetooth-compatible computers.

DiverLog+ App is available for free in the App store and Google Play store.


The DiverLog+ App lets you plan and analyze every dive. Geo 4.0, Veo 4.0 and Proplus 4.0 all connect via Bluetooth to the new DiverLog + App, so divers can conveniently and quickly adjust all of their settings pre-dive and manage or download profiles post-dive. You can adjust the dual Nitrox mixes (both programmable to 100%), switch the patented Dual Algorithm™ (with optional conservative factor settings), adjust gas mixes, user display and alarms, all on the go pre- and post-dive. Bluetooth also allows for auto firmware updates without cords.


  • Plan with alerts for time and depth
  • Select your gas mixes from your smartphone
  • Search previous dives based on max depth, time, location or mode
  • Manage favorite dive spots and locations
  • Edit and manage your dive gear
  • Sync with DiveCloud and DiverLog for Mac/Windows


  • Download your dive instantly to your smartphone
  • View your most recent dive profile and information
  • Add photos and videos to remember those fun times!
  • Share photos and videos on social media
  • Search and filter by location, dive type or depth
  • Access all dive history and data
  • View Dive Computer Connectivity Map


dive details

Keep track of all your dive data, locations, computers used, tank type & size, dive mode, EDT, NDT, modes, and even your DC setpoints! DiverLog+ easily keeps track of all the important information for each dive.

Your Dive Profile

Intuitive, attractive, and interactive dive profile graphs so you can simulate your dive in real-time, add photos & memos to specific points, and view data in tabular and graphical format.

Dive History

Your dive listing gives easy access to old dives. You can also use the powerful DiverLog+ search query features to filter by location, dive type, and more.

How to Set Up the DiverLog+ App

Tutorial Video

All Features

• View, edit and manage DC dive detail data •  Keep track of personal data including medical and certification information
• View dive history data • Configuration preferences, including English/metric units, and more!
• Search dives based on max depth, time, location, mode and more • Update DC firmware easily when online
• View, edit, and manage favorite dive spots & locations • Social sharing features
• View, edit, and manage dive gear • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Turk, and Simplified Chinese.
• View, edit, and manage dive buddies and contacts • Synchronize with DiveCloud or DiverLog for Mac OSX/Windows/Android/iOS
• Easy access to help & support • DC configuration & setup easily via Bluetooth before dives (DC with Bluetooth Smart built-in only; currently support i300C, i550C, i750TC, i770R, ProPlus 4.0, ProPlus X and SAGE)
• Searchable in-application help • Easy Software update on App Store