How to Clean Your Scuba Regulator

What is the best way to clean your scuba regulator? As one of the most important pieces of gear in your scuba diving kit, your regulator plays an integral part in having an enjoyable, successful dive. That’s why it’s important to keep your regulator clean of residual salt and other contaminants. 

In terms of process, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to service your reg so as to extend its life and ensure it’ll properly function on every dive. Even if you give it a casual rinse after every use, there are still some extra steps you can and should take to clean your scuba regulator. 

Clean Your Scuba Regulator

Corrosion is the enemy of a well-functioning scuba regulator. Chances are your underwater surroundings likely contain countless particles of salt, sand and other microscopic foreign agents that’ll muck up your gear. And even if you’re pool diving, the chlorinated water presents its own threat to the functionality of your reg. 

With that in mind, every regulator cleaning should start with a thorough rinsing in warm, clean water. Hot or cold water is to be avoided if possible. An important note: be sure to rinse your reg as soon as possible after diving so as to prevent any of the leftover contaminants from doing lasting damage. 

After your general rinse, wash your regulator’s dust cap with warm, clean water, then wipe it down with a clean towel so it’s completely dry. After cleaning and drying, screw the dust cap onto your first stage so it sits flush and sealed. Again, be sure your dust cap is completely dry before reapplying to the first stage! After securing, once again, rinse your first stage (with secured dust cap) with warm, clean freshwater. 

Contrary to the former step, feel free to soak your second stages and gauge in a tub of warm, clean water for multiple hours to further remove impurities, contaminants and unwanted particulates. While soaking, feel free to jiggle gear below the water’s surface so as to further free contaminants and disperse them from your components’ surface. 

Two special notes: 1.) Under no circumstance should you soak your first stage, and 2.) Do not press your reg’s purge button at any time during the cleaning process so as to prevent water penetration. 

After soaking and washing your stages and gauge, clean your mouthpiece with a gentle soap or a mild detergent. A toothbrush or soft cloth will work just fine for this purpose, but remember to rinse after scrubbing. 

After you’ve rinsed, soaked—and washed your mouthpiece—allow your regulator to dry in a cool spot out of the sun. UV light can corrode your scuba regulator’s rubber components, so be sure to heed this step! Once your reg is cleaned and dried to your satisfaction, be sure to hang it kink-free in a cool spot or fold it up loosely in an enclosed, dry compartment or bag.

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