A suit made so well you'll barely know you're wearing it.

The Oceanic Pioneer wetsuit is an elegantly powerful collaboration between advanced thermal protection technologies, intelligent and innovative materials, and quality construction under the Oceanic name. This revolutionary suit takes advantage of an anatomic design paired with core thermal protection material "Thermaskin", Oceanspan neoprene, Liquid Seams, Skin-in seals, and Spandura.

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Form meets function.

The Pioneer wetsuit is Oceanic's most advanced wetsuit to date and is available in 3/2mm, 5mm, and 7mm so you can choose the best thickness for your diving environment.


You could spend your whole life waiting for the perfect conditions...or you could use...


The key to making any wetsuit perform to its ultimate potential is by reducing water transfer, allowing cold water to enter the suit and keeping that trapped water from escaping. Thermaskin material does just that by retaining the water in its revolutionary Cross Rib Knit.

Thermaskin assists in thermal protection by trapping water in the indices of the knit, minimizing water movement throughout the suit. The diver's body heats the trapped water and provides an efficient insulator as you dive down to deeper depths as it will not compress.

Lavaskin, paired with our latest technology in sealing system features, helps retain body heat for longer, more injoyable dives.


  • Thermaskin™ insulation provides enhanced thermal protection by using the body to heat water trapped in its revolutionary non-compressable cross rib knit.
  • Strategic use of OceanSpan super stretch professional grade neoprene in non-critical thermal areas for ease of entry and comfort.
  • Liquid Seams on the 5mm and 7mm suits prevent water from entering and are much more durable than stitching alone.
  • The Pioneer's neck collar may be easily adjusted for size and comfort while maintaining an effective seal.
  • Skin-in neck, wrist and ankle seals prevent water flow in from the neck minimizing or even eliminating water flow.
  • Skin-in on the backside of the zipper and along the back keep water out from entry points and also serve as a spine pad.
  • Pre-bent arms and legs provide superior fit and comfort during periods of extended wear.
  • Spandura™ is used for construction of the rear and knees for durability and anti-slip.
  • Stress Disks applied at all internal seam intersections for added strength and durability
  • Reinforced shoulders prevent slipping and wear from straps

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