MacDive is now available for two new Oceanic dive computers!

Mac users can now relive their dives using MacDive with Oceanic’s latest dive computer models.

Oceanic’s  Atom 3.0 and VT 4.0 have just hit the shelves and MacDive has upgraded its software for users of the new models.  MacDive is also available for a wide range of other Oceanic models.

MacDive creator, Nick Shore, says the product means divers can track their scuba diving life. “Divers can download their dive profiles to their Mac and log them. They can track their certifications as well as a history of their gear which means they will know when servicing is required.”

He says a recent feature that allows diver to sync to their iPhone has been very popular.
“But some of the most positive feedback has been for a photo support feature which automatically matched photos taken to your diving log.  It’s like reliving the dive.”
Nick, who is a keen diver himself, also rates the Google map support allows divers to map their dives.

“I’ve set out to include features that enhance the experience and are intuitive to use,” he says.

With the addition of the Atom 3.0 and VT4.0 MacDive now supports a total of 25 dive computers between Oceanic and Aeris. It has been great working with MacDive and we are happy to provide a Mac option to our customers.

Check out the list below for all of the supported Oceanic and Aeris devices.


  • Atom 2.0
  • Atom 3.0
  • Datamask
  • Geo
  • Geo 2.0
  • OC1
  • Pro Plus 2
  • Pro Plus 2.1
  • Veo 180NX
  • Veo 200
  • Veo 250
  • Veo 2.0
  • Veo 3.0
  • Versa Pro
  • VT3
  • VT4
  • VT Pro


  • Atmos 2
  • Atmos AI
  • Atmos Elite
  • Compumask
  • Elite T3
  • Epic
  • Manta
  • XR-2