Comprised of precision-machined components and extensive research and design, the EOS regulator has achieved an incredible feat…lifelike breathing. Oceanic’s gifted team of design engineers has included effortless breathing, inhalation effort adjustments, and comfortable second stage swivels and orthodontic mouthpieces into a regulator that you can hold in the palm of your hand. This is far more than just another regulator in the eyes of the Oceanic team, this is a dream come true.
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For over 30 years, Oceanic's R&D group has taken advantage of new materials, development of rapid prototyping, advanced computer aided design systems, objective testing, and lots of open water dives in an effort to develop a regulator with the lowest measurable inhalation effort in order to provide air to a diver at the extremes of human capacity.

When engineering brought the near complete EOS in for conformational testing the results were so astounding, the laboratory stopped testing and performed a complete calibration of all instruments, and in re-testing the EOS was found to have a near effortless inhalation resistive effort on test after test. Perfect.

Comprised of precision-machined components and extensive research and design, the EOS regulator has achieved an incredible feat…lifelike breathing. Oceanic’s gifted team of design engineers has included effortless breathing, inhalation effort adjustments, and comfortable second stage swivels and orthodontic mouthpieces into a regulator that you can hold in the palm of your hand.  This is far more than just another regulator in the eyes of the Oceanic team, this is a dream come true.

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage with virtually no breathing effort
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment
  • Inline swivel for reduced jaw fatigue and comfort
  • Paired with the rugged FDX-10 Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage 

Maxflex hose


Now available with MaxFlex Hose which is a lightweight, flexible, Braided hose designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses.  



The Alliance Service Agreement offers FREE routine annual maintenance parts for as long as you own your  Oceanic Product and maintain the specified terms. There is no additional charge for this program.


Pneumatically Balanced Valve. 


The pneumatically balanced second stage reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a balanced valve seat designed to respond to the slightest inhalation.

A pneumatically balanced second stage actually has (or can have) the same initial crack opening effort as a mechanically balanced, but the spring force of a pneumatically balanced second stage is lighter so it’s spring rate is also lower. Therefore the force required to open the valve farther as flow increases is less than that required for a mechanically balanced second stage with a higher rate spring. So the total effort to breathe the pneumatically balanced second stage is indeed less.

The spring force must be just enough to overcome the difference between downstream air pressure and upstream balance chamber pressure.

The downstream air travels through a hole in the poppet into the balance chamber and applies an "upstream" force just slightly less than the downstream force.

Diver Adjustable Inhalation Effort.
Most downstream demand valve regulators are calibrated during manufacturing to a single, 'middle of the road' operation. Whether finning up current at 100+ feet or merely snorkeling out to the dive site, this factory adjustment may not be optimum for the wide variety of demands we place on our equipment. A simple twist of the adjustment knob enables complete control... Set the inhalation requirement to near zero when you need ultimate performance, or tune it for greater resistance as conditions or preferences change.

p_regulators_eos_adj.jpg Patented Dynamic Adjustment.
A common objection to adjustable second stages is that divers can't imagine themselves twisting and turning a knob as they descend and ascend through the depths. If inhalation resistance is set near zero at depth, your ascent would require you to manually increase resistance as ambient water pressure is reduced to prevent free-flow. Taking another stride beyond common second stage engineering, Oceanic designed a patented DYNAMIC ADJUSTMENT feature into the heart of the EOS. This mechanically balanced valve maintains your preferred breathing resistance throughout the dive. Set it once and the EOS automatically adjusts to make breathing as easy at 100 feet as it is at 30 feet - with no additional manual adjustment.

Ergonomic A.V.S. (Adjustable Venturi System) Dive/Pre-Dive Switch.
Designed to be unobtrusive, yet easily manipulated even with the thickest gloves, the A.V.S. deflector vane found in the EOS either diverts airflow from the valve to the mouthpiece, producing effortless venturi-assisted inhalation or creates enough resistance to prevent free flow on the surface.

Inline Swivel.
Ever notice that nearly every picture you see of a diver, their regulator looks like it’s not the least bit comfortable? The EOS features an ergonomically designed in-line swivel for ultimate comfort.

Computer Optimized Design.
The EOS was designed using the latest 3-D computer modeling techniques. This allows us the ability to model and test performance while still in the early stages of development. The EOS’s unique valve, deflector vane and housing design directs airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, producing nearly effortless venturi-assisted inhalation.

Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece with High-Density Bite Tabs.
To further reduce jaw fatigue, the EOS features a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece, designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.

Nitrox Compatible.
The EOS | FDX-10 is classified as being suitable for use with Nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen by volume without the need for special preparation, cleaning or component parts.

FDX-10 Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage.
The Forged from marine-grade brass, the FDX-10 features optimized air paths and angled hose ports for superior performance and comfort. A sealed Balanced Diaphragm design, Enviro Kit isolate all internal components from the environment. 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure ports allow convenient and comfortable hose routing.


The FDX-10 high performance over-balanced first stage provides progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases. The center “pads” that the diaphragms act against are different sizes so the working area of the outer environmental diaphragm is larger than the working area of the inner diaphragm. As depth increases, more pressure is applied to the larger surface area of the outer diaphragm than would be applied to the internal diaphragm. The result is superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Ray (Posted on 4/7/15)
Breathing effort with the EOS is truly without effort. Great regulator.
Review by Gustavo Salcedo (Posted on 1/31/15)
Regulador ideal para ir relajado recomiendo 100% como instructor PADI 317047
Review by matt (Posted on 7/23/13)
reg it self is great but the swivel is ruining everything,oceanic doesnt produce long hoses that fit into this reg!
Review by DDR (Posted on 7/5/13)
Best of all I've tried. Perfect breathing performance in all conditions (fast breathing, deep diving, upside down, adaptable flow, swivel, very flexible hose etc, etc..) . Well frankly mouthpiece wasn't comfortable for me so changed to moldable one and got some scratches on chrome plated plastic cover already. Well no limits for a perfection :)
Best in comfort
Review by Taylor (Posted on 3/10/13)
First regulator I bought, had been using hand me downs, but I won't need to replace this one...Forget its there sometimes.
EOS - My first and my last..!
Review by Craig (Posted on 1/22/12)
This is the first, High End regulator I've purchased and after diving it, I'm glad I did... Almost forgot that I was breathing underwater. Awesome job Oceanic..!
1st Reg - Great performance
Review by Larry (Posted on 12/9/11)
Both my wife and I bought this reg. Have now had 3 trips with it. Very light. I love the adjustments. Mouthpiece is very comfortable.
Best Reg I've ever had
Review by Kent (Posted on 11/18/11)
I've been diving for 40+ years and this is absolutely the best regulator I've ever had. I've My wife is now hoping to find someone to buy her Atomic regulator so that she too can have an EOS reg. Good work Oceanic.
Five stars
Review by Me (Posted on 9/21/11)
The best
Best Reg Yet
Review by ScubaMike (Posted on 9/20/11)
This reg has served me well for 3 years now. It's light, completely adjustable, and breathes like a dream. I wouldn't trade it for anything out there.
Dependable, well-made.
Review by john h. (Posted on 8/24/11)
This is a hard-working, well-made regulator. Great job, Oceanic!
Great reg
Review by Diver (Posted on 8/19/11)
Great breathing reg, comfortable
EOS - best in class
Review by oceanicfan (Posted on 8/4/11)
great breather
Valve Type
Balancing System
Integrated Purge Button
Nitrox Compatibility
Integrated Swivel
Weight (without hose)
Dimensions (front profile)
First Stage Configurations
Minimum Cracking Effort
Factory Set Inhalation Effort
0.0 - 2.5 CIW*
Work of Breathing
Limited Lifetime Service Agreement
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Valve Type
Primary Material
Low Pressure Ports
High Pressure Ports
Integrated Swivel
Nitrox Compatibility
300 BAR DIN Fitting
Sealed Valve Design
Environmental Protection
Factory Set Intermediate Pressure
138-142 PSI
Pressure Drop
Limited Lifetime Service Agreement
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



Did you know that it costs energy to breathe? The amount of energy your regulator requires to move each liter of air is called work of breathing (WOB). Lower work of breathing equals lower effort required to breathe and increased comfort and safety during a dive.

How to Read Work of Breathing Charts
The computer-generated breathing machine chart presented above represents a regulator's performance per standards established by the U.S. Navy's Experimental Diving Unit. Tests are conducted at 198 feet with approximately 3000-psi supply pressure, 25 breaths per minute of 2.5 liters each.

(1) Inhalation - The chart shows one complete breath cycle, starting with inhalation on the left and continuing along the bottom to the right, staying mostly below 0.0; thus the inhalation work of breathing is reported in negative numbers.

(2) Exhalation - The exhalation effort begins on the right and runs across the top to the left. These are all positive numbers since a diver (or the machine in this case) is blowing out (exhaling) rather than inhaling.

(3) WOB - The total area inside the loop formed by the two lines is what the computer analyzes to calculate the regulator's total work of breathing - the amount of energy the regulator requires to move each liter of air.

*Column Inches of Water

30 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that at any time during the first 30 days of purchase, your Oceanic product fails to meet your expectations, that product may be exchanged by a participating Authorized Oceanic Pro Dealer. No questions asked.